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Orthopaedic and Sports Injuries

Fees & Scheduling: 

 Basic FEES:

 Rehabilitation program fees

The Active Rehabilitation Program runs daily: 

Monday through Friday 

From 9:00am - 11:30am 

Each 2 1/2 - hour session: $75.00

 One to one sessions are also available: 

(Monday through Friday)

 From 2:00pm - 7:00p 

Each 1 - hour session: $75.00

  Fees can be invoiced to ICBC, WorkSafeBC or other third-party insurer. Fees can also be covered privately or by a lawyer. All payments should be made to Eagle Ridge Aquatic Centre Physiotherapy  by cheque, cash, Visa or Mastercard.

Private Fees/ Orthopaedic and Sports Injuries:
Initial Assessment and Treatment: $65.00
Subsequent Treatment: $60.00

ICBC User Fees:
Initial Assessment and Subsequent Treatments: $30.00
*Treatment must be pre-approved by ICBC to qualify for this type of coverage.

MSP Premium Coverage (Low Income Persons/ Families):
Initial Assessment and Subsequent Treatments: $20.00/ max. 10 per calendar year

WorkSafeBC (Treatment for Work-Related Injuries):
No fee/ Full coverage
*Treatment must be pre-approved by WSBC to qualify for this type of coverage.

IMS (Brenda Shavchook only)
Initial Assessment: $65.00
Initial IMS visit: $140.00
Subsequent IMS visits: $70.00

Please note, IMS treatment is not suitable for everyone. Brenda will perform an initial physiotherapy assessment ($65.00) prior to any IMS treatments, in order to determine if IMS is appropriate for you.

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