Eagle Ridge Aquatic Centre Physiotherapy 

Active Rehabilitation Program: 


The Active Rehabilitation Program runs daily: 

Monday through Friday 

From 9:00am - 11:30am 

Each 2 1/2 - hour session: $75.00

 One to one sessions are also available: 

(Monday through Friday)

 From 2:00pm - 7:00p 

Each 1 - hour session: $75.00

  Fees can be invoiced to ICBC, WorkSafeBC or other third-party insurer. Fees can also be covered privately or by a lawyer. All payments should be made to Eagle Ridge Aquatic Centre Physiotherapy  by cheque, cash, Visa or Mastercard.

The Active Rehabilitation Program offered at Eagle Ridge Physio is ideally suited for individuals preparing to return to work and/or activities of daily life. Our Active Rehab Program utilizes both gym and aquatic exercises to improve strength, flexibility and general fitness. Whether the injury is a result of a motor vehicle or workplace accident or illness, the therapists at Eagle Ridge Physio will create a unique plan that is individually suited to the needs of each client. 

  • We provide in-clinic treatment from the physiotherapist, hydrotherapy, strengthening, cardiovascular training and work simulation; all in one location.  
  • Daily communication between physiotherapists and kinesiologists running the program in order to develop or adapt the program to the varying and changing needs of the client.  
  • Variability in scheduling: two, three or five days a week.  We can offer strictly gym-based or hydrotherapy-based programs; or a combination of both, in group or one-to-one sessions.  
  • Small group sizes that allow the client to receive closer attention from the therapists. One-hour one to one sessions with a kinesiologist are also available in the afternoons and evenings.

The Benefits of Eagle Ridge Physio 
               Active Rehabilitation:

Our Goals:

 The hydrotherapy portion of the program is a low impact, safe and fun approach to your client's rehabilitation. The weightlessness and buoyancy of water offers resistance for strengthening without weight bearing on an injury.

 Water Tai Chi is a unique approach to hydrotherapy and limited to only a few clinics in the Lower  Mainland. Eagle Ridge Physio offers water Tai Chi exercises combined with traditional hydrotherapy exercises. Ideal for low back, hip and whiplash injuries, water Tai Chi is a relaxing and effective treatment. We also use water weights, paddles and pool noodles to help increase resistance in the water as the client progresses through their program.

Fees & Scheduling: 

The goal of the Active Rehabilitation Program is to restore you to the level of function  necessary for a safe return  to work or activities of daily living. The program is specifically designed to help develop upper and lower body strength and conditioning; as well as core strength and stability, cardiovascular fitness and flexibility. Clients are taught how to work independently in order to continue with their exercise and fitness programs upon completion of the program. 

Orthopaedic and Sports Injuries

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